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        full duplex refers to sending and receiving in a separate way so that data is transmitted in both directions simultaneously. you can send data and receive data at the same time, both at the same time. 

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        lora is a new low power data transmission technology over long distances based on less than 1 ghz developed by semtech. this technology uses special spread spectrum modulation technology to greatly improve the performance of physical layer communication, and its power saving capacity has been significantly improved compared with gsm and traditional sub-1 ghz technology. lora uses a special spread spectrum technology that allows terminals of different spread spectrum sequences to send simultaneously at the same frequency without interfering with each other. the concentrator/gateway developed on this basis can receive and process data from multiple nodes in parallel, greatly expanding the system capacity. the range and location capability based on this technology will promote its large-scale application in the field of internet of things.

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        cc3220 is the upgraded version of cc3200, which can support the connection of up to 4 stations in ap mode. meanwhile, it has added ipv6 support, enhanced the design of wifi rf, greatly improved the configuration success rate of smartconfig, and supported the security function to protect the security of built-in code from being damaged.

        there are three cc3220 chips, namely cc3220sf, cc3220s and cc3220r

        cc3220sf is built with 1mb flash, and the client's code runs directly in flash. the 256k ram is fully open to the client, and security is also added.

        cc3220s uses 256k of ram to run code and ram at the same time, that is, the ram used by code program is within the range of 256k, which increases the support for security.

        the cc3220r has a built-in 256k of ram.

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        adding shielding can shield the interference of external signals to the module's own circuit, and can also prevent the interference of the module's own circuit to rf.

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        it just needs to pass the other certification of the product, such as fcc,ce, bluetooth part without passing the certification.

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        using fm communication, 37 communication frequency points, 3 broadcast frequency points. it can effectively avoid some frequency interference. it is not recommended to use through the wall, if it is hollow wooden wall can try.