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international gas show

        on october 30, 2019, the 22nd china international gas and heating technology and equipment exhibition opened in nanjing international exhibition center. this exhibition is the most authoritative and largest comprehensive professional exhibition in the industry. shenzhen rf-star technology co., ltd.,, with bluetooth recharge ic card solution, participated in the gas exhibition, actively looking for cooperation opportunities among major manufacturers at home and abroad.


        the 22nd china international gas, heating technology and equipment exhibition lasted from october 30 to november 1. as the largest comprehensive professional exhibition in the domestic gas industry, the exhibition has been successfully held for 21 times since 1994. each exhibition has gathered from france, britain, germany, the united states, italy, japan, south korea and other countries, as well as all over the country our exhibitors have become an important exhibition and exchange platform for advanced gas heating products and technical equipment, outstanding achievements and innovative products at home and abroad.


        the 22nd gas exhibition will bring together nearly 400 domestic and foreign enterprises in the gas industry to participate in the exhibition. the exhibits cover various industry chains such as gas transmission and distribution system technology, gas application technology, alarm system, gas meter, storage technology, pipe material and equipment, anti-corrosion technology, valve, gas heating (water) equipment, leakage monitoring technology equipment, comprehensive information management system in the gas field, etc., and will be exhibited in an all-round way it shows the brilliant achievements of china's gas industry in technology and equipment.

industry trends


         shenzhen rf-star technology co., ltd., participated in the gas exhibition seminar and obtained the latest and most authoritative first-hand data of the gas industry.

        from the data in 2018, although half of the smart tables still belong to ic card tables, the internet of things table is an inevitable development trend. with the development of nb technology and the decrease of module fees, the internet of things will gradually replace the number of ic card tables:


         in 2018, the sales volume of domestic civil ic card meters was 15.55 million, with a growth rate of 10%;


        the sales volume of civil iot meters is 3.48 million. after having a certain base in 2017, the growth rate will return to a relatively normal value, but it is still far higher than the growth rate of ic card meters.


        in 2018, the overall market scale of domestic smart gas meters was about rmb 11.411 billion, an increase of rmb 2.069 billion or 22.1% compared with 2017. in the past three years, the industry has developed at an average growth rate of about 20%, and the overall market situation has steadily increased, mainly for the improvement of civil and commercial fields, with a large space in the commercial field.


        nb lot is the most suitable communication system for intelligent gas terminal operation model in 5g era




ministry of industry and information technology:

notice on comprehensively promoting the construction and development of mobile internet of things (nb-lot)


opinions on the implementation of the 2018 special action to further promote the network acceleration and cost reduction and accelerate the cultivation of new economic development drivers

national development and reform commission, energy bureau, ministry of industry and information technology:

guidance on promoting the development of "internet " smart energy


-china urban gas association

t-cgas006-2019 gas intelligent meter reading system based on narrow band internet of things (nb-iot) technology

t-cgas 003-2017 general technical requirements for civil intelligent gas meters

bluetooth recharge card

        shenzhen rf-star technology co., ltd.,  came to the 22nd china international gas and heating technology and equipment exhibition with the contact dual interface bluetooth rechargeable ic card solution. don't change the old watch! just replace one ic card! don't worry about recharging online!


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        the main control mcu on the contact dual interface bluetooth recharge ic card is connected with the power module, bluetooth module and ic card read-write module. this bluetooth recharge mode based on bluetooth wireless technology enables users to recharge at any time without leaving home.

high power

five years without battery change

cr1616 button battery is very easy to buy

a battery

normal standby for 3 years

and complete 24 recharge

        during the exhibition, the bluetooth recharge solution attracted a large number of customers to have in-depth consultation and understanding, and many manufacturers have expressed strong interest in the bluetooth recharge solution.

        if you want to get the complete information of contact dual interface bluetooth rechargeable ic card, please pay attention to the rfstar wechat public number of rfstar, and get it in the historical article!