• advantages comparison between long range nrf52833 and nrf52832

    as the fifth new member of nordic nrf52 series, nrf52833 soc can provide multi-protocol solutions that support high temperature performance (up to 105 ℃) and direction finding function. and it quickly

    2020-07-14 rfstar 33

  • the development history of ble chip

    by the end of 2019, 4.54 billion people worldwide have access to the internet, accounting for nearly 60% of the global population. as the development of internet information technology, more and more

    2020-07-01 信驰达科技 41

  • in the bluetooth development process, using a sniffer to analyze the data received and transmitted by the bluetooth module will undoubtedly greatly improve our r&d efficiency and help us quickly l

    2020-05-15 rfstar 35

  • analysis of ble, zigbee sniffer based on nrf52832

    nordic launched nrf52832 sniffer for ieee 802.15.4, which is a very convenient tool for learning and debugging ieee 802.15.4 protocols (such as thread and zigbee). it can parse data packets from diffe

    2020-05-08 rfstar 50

  • nrf52811 - the first nordic soc chip supporting bluetooth 5.1 indoor positioning

    nordic nrf52811 soc inherits the successful foundation of nordic nrf52 series platform, and can bring more rich connection performance for applications adopting advanced wireless internet of t

    2019-11-06 rfstar 265

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