• software test comparison: cc2540 btool vs nrf connect for desktop

    btool is a pc software tool for bluetooth devices debugging, which works in central / master. it allows users to establish a connection with peripheral / slave ble devices via pc software. when testin

    2020-05-29 rfstar 34

  • in the bluetooth development process, using a sniffer to analyze the data received and transmitted by the bluetooth module will undoubtedly greatly improve our r&d efficiency and help us quickly l

    2020-05-15 rfstar 35

  • in-depth analysis of the improvement of nordic's dongle based on nrf52840

    dongle was first launched by nordic in 2018. nordic claims that nrf52840 dongle is a small, low-cost usb dongle. it also supports bluetooth 5, bluetooth mesh, thread, zigbee, 802.15.4, ant and

    2020-05-09 rfstar 273

  • analysis of ble, zigbee sniffer based on nrf52832

    nordic launched nrf52832 sniffer for ieee 802.15.4, which is a very convenient tool for learning and debugging ieee 802.15.4 protocols (such as thread and zigbee). it can parse data packets from diffe

    2020-05-08 rfstar 50

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