• cc3220sf wi-fi module rf-wm-3220b1

    product description rf-wm-3220b1 is a wi-fi iot module built on basis of ti cc320sf ic, which is embedded with a cortex-m4 mcu. it supports a variety of peripherals i.e. camera interface, i2s, sd/mm

    2018-09-15 信驰达科技 14

  • new developed nordic nrf52840 ble 5.0 module

    l overviewthese bluetooth modules are ble rf modules. with advantages of low power consumption, compact design, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference capability, the modules embedded

    2018-09-02 信驰达科技 7

  • why zigbee 3.0 module?

    zigbee 3.0 is the only complete and interoperable internet of things solution from mesh network layer to general language layer, enabling intelligent products to work together wh

    2018-07-03 rfstar 181

  • 2016 ces observation: smart home promotes new economic growth point rfstar to participate in the exhibition

    the annual ces (consumer electronics show) opened in las vegas on january 6, us time. as a world-renowned science and technology event, the concepts discussed in ces will become a hot topic in

    2017-07-08 rfstar 239

  • rf-star now apple inc's ibeacon licensee

    on may 20, nearly three months after submission, shenzhen rf-star gets the apple's official authorization and becomes one of the first-lot licensee of soft developers and hardware vendors of ibeac

    2014-09-19 信驰达科技 10

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