• rfstar wishes you a happy christmas!

    rfstar wishes you a happy christmas!

    2020-01-03 rfstar 35

  • what's next for the internet of things?

    the initial technology maturity curve for iot development is only based on an increase in the number of deployed and potential sensors. today, we can look to the future and explore some important success factors. future trends in the internet of things, including iot applications, will bring economic benefits to end users. there is also a trend towards longer battery life, lasting for years. in any wireless iot monitoring system, data transmission consumes power.

    2019-12-20 rfstar 31

  • why zigbee 3.0 module?

    zigbee 3.0 is the only complete and interoperable internet of things solution from mesh network layer to general language layer, enabling intelligent products to work together wh

    2018-07-03 rfstar 181

  • 2016 ces observation: smart home promotes new economic growth point rfstar to participate in the exhibition

    the annual ces (consumer electronics show) opened in las vegas on january 6, us time. as a world-renowned science and technology event, the concepts discussed in ces will become a hot topic in

    2017-07-08 rfstar 239

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