2019-11-23 17:23:31 rfstar 294

        on november 14, 2019, nordic announced the launch of the first member of the next-generation nrf53 series chip -- nrf5340 high-end multi-protocol system-level chip. the chip to build in the nordic nrf51 and nrf52 multi-protocol series chips, and at the same time introduced a dual processor hardware architecture, with high performance and low power consumption, extensibility, high heat resistance advantages, can be widely used in smart home, indoor navigation, professional lighting, industrial automation, wearable devices, and other complex internet applications. 

        based on the design of the arm cor-m33 dual-core processor, the nrf5340 integrates high-performance application processors, programmable ultra-low power network processors, and security functions into a low-power multi-protocol soc. at the same time, the chip also enhances dynamic multi-protocol support, and supports bluetooth 5.1, low-power bluetooth, bluetooth mesh, thread, and zigbee protocols. it can be configured or debugged by smart phones using low-power bluetooth, and interact with mesh networks. the wireless transmitter is equipped with all bluetooth 5.1 direction finding functions. the nrf5340 operates in a power supply voltage range of 1.7 to 5.5v, allowing rechargeable batteries and usb power. 

        nrf5340 integrates a new power-optimized multi-protocol 2.4ghz radio with a transmitting current of 3.2ma (0dbm transmitting power, 3v, dc/dc) and a receiving current of 2.6ma (3v, dc/dc). the sleep current was as low as 1.1 a.


        the nrf5340 launched this time, the main processor application processor is responsible for the calculation of complex functions and bluetooth protocol stack. it adopts the arm architecture -m33 under the arm architecture that has always been used by nordic, and mounts dsp and floating point functions at the same time, which can be used for third-party development and application. the kernel runs at up to 128 mhz, supports voltage and frequency regulation, and contains dedicated 1 mb of flash memory and 512 kb of ram memory, which can meet the needs of the next generation of cutting-edge wearable devices and significantly improve performance over the previous generation of nrf52840.


        the sub-core network processor can be used as the computation of additional and uncomplicated content, which also uses arm corcor-m33, the kernel runs at 64 mhz (238 coremark), and is dedicated to 256 kb flash and 64 kb memory. the low power consumption and low duty cycle sensor acquisition during radio operation are optimized. provides optimal implementation of the 2.4 ghz private protocol and ensures portability from the nrf51 and nrf52 series.


        the two processors can work independently of each other, connect directly through the ipc, or wake up to each other, but consider their respective protection settings.

         in addition, the application processor also integrates security functions such as arm cryptocell-312 security key storage, providing the highest level of security. it works by hardware accelerating common internet encryption standards while providing system-wide hardware isolation for trusted software by creating secure and non-secure code execution areas on a single kernel. at the same time, the chip's integrated security features support firmware updates that can protect the chip from malicious attacks.

        it is worth mentioning that nrf5340 integrates xtal load capacitors for 32 mhz and 32.762 khz crystals. compared with nordic's nrf52 series, the number of external components required is reduced by 4, thus reducing the material list and solution size.

        it is reported that the 7x7mm aqfn package nrf5340 soc engineering samples with 48 gpio ports will soon be industrialized.

        this article is reproduced from shenzhen bay.