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        cc2652r device is a multi protocol 2.4 ghz wireless mcu, with very low active rf and micro controller (mcu) current, sleep current less than 1 μ a and up to 80kb ram, which can provide excellent battery life and support long-term operation of energy collection applications relying on small button batteries.

        cc2652r is characterized by its support for multiple protocols, such as thread, zigbee ®, low-power bluetooth ® 5, ieee 802.15.4g, ipv6 enabled intelligent object (6lowpan), wi-sun ® and proprietary systems, including ti 15.4-stack. it supports so many protocols that cc2652r devices can be used in more scenarios. the rf-bm-2652b1 module with cc2652r as the core has been successfully developed by shenzhen xinchida technology.


        in industrial application scenarios that need to use a large number of data nodes, cc2652r supports zigbee ® protocol, which can shorten the r & d cycle for users and improve the efficiency of user output schemes.


        cc2652r supports wi-sun standard. wi-sun technology has the characteristics of low power consumption, interoperability, easy deployment, mesh network and so on. it is widely used in smart meters, home intelligent energy management controllers and other communication devices.


        the cc2652r device combines a flexible ultra-low power rf transceiver with a powerful 48 mhz arm ® cortex ® - m4f cpu on a platform supporting multiple physical layers and rf standards. the dedicated radio controller (arm ® cortex ® - m0) can handle low-level rf protocol commands stored in rom or ram, thus ensuring ultra-low power consumption and excellent flexibility.

        cc2652r device has 352kb system programmable flash memory, 256kb rom, 8kb cache sram, 80kb sram, and supports wireless upgrade (ota). ti-rtos, driver, boot loader, low-power bluetooth ® 5 controller and ieee 802.15.4 mac are embedded in rom to optimize application size and package - 7mm × 7mm rgz vqfn48 conforming to rohs standard.


        with a programmable, ultra-low power sensor controller cpu with 4kb program and data sram memory, the sensor can be processed with very low power consumption. the sensor controller with fast wake-up and ultra-low power consumption 2mhz mode is specially designed for sampling, caching and processing of analog and digital sensor data, so mcu system can maximize sleep time and reduce working power consumption.

        cc2652r device supports not only multiple protocols, but also ble 5.0. compared with ble 4.2, ble 5.0 has faster transmission speed, wider transmission range and lower transmission power consumption.

        ble 5.0 has twice the transmission speed, four times the transmission range and eight times the transmission efficiency. ble 5.0 supports long-distance mode, greatly extending the communication distance, and small power can also be transmitted over long distance.

        compared with ble 4.2, the change of ble 5.0 in physical layer makes the communication distance longer. theoretically, the effective transmission distance of ble 5.0 is 300 meters, while the former ble 4.2 is only 100 meters. but in practical application, the transmission distance of signal is also affected by the power of bluetooth device and antenna. for example, in order to save power and increase working time, whether bl 5.0 or bel 4.2 standard is adopted, the actual transmission radius of bluetooth audio is generally 10 meters.


        compared with ble 4.2, ble 5.0 has a higher communication rate, double the theoretical transmission rate, from 1mbps to 2mbps.

        however, they do not have both, which is not to say that they can realize long distance at the same time. in high-speed bluetooth communication, when realizing long distance, communication speed will be sacrificed, and when realizing high-speed rate, communication distance will also be sacrificed.


        cc2652r can be regarded as the full blood version of cc2642r, which supports more protocols than cc2642r. in the application of ble 5.0, cc2652r supports multi protocol and the advantages of ble 5.0 will bring more reference solutions to the application of the internet of things. rf-bm-2652b1 module with cc2652r as the core will be an indispensable choice in the application of internet of things.

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