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        nordic nrf52811 soc inherits the successful foundation of nordic nrf52 series platform, and can bring more rich connection performance for applications adopting advanced wireless internet of things functions (such as bluetooth 5.1 direction finding, thread and zigbee).


        nrf52811 soc is the fourth generation product of nrf52 series platform, which extends the platform to cover many applications and use cases. protocols supported by radio, including bluetooth 5.1 directed search, all bluetooth 5 features, 802.15.4, thread, zigbee, ant and proprietary 2.4ghz.

        nrf52811 soc has 4 dbm tx power, which is optimized to provide the best reception sensitivity of all socs in nrf52 series:

        ble remote: - 104 dbm

        ble-1 mbps:-97 dbm

        802.15.4(thread/zigbee):-101 dbm

        this soc device combines nordic's entry-level nrf52810 soc's low-cost features with mainstream nrf52832 and high-end nrf52840 soc's multi protocol support capabilities. nrf52811 is also the first nordic low-power wireless connection product in the product family to support bluetooth 5.1, adding direction finding function for bluetooth 5 with high throughput, long distance and enhanced coexistence function. nrf52811 soc can realize the latest and most powerful functions of bluetooth 5.1, the most prominent is the direction finding function, which pushes the bluetooth positioning to a new height. nrf52811 chip provides strong basic support for shenzhen xinchida bluetooth positioning scheme.

        nordic nrf52811 soc is built around 64 mhz arm ® cortex ™ - m4 cpu and has a series of digital peripherals and interfaces, such as pdm, pwm, uart, spi and twi. it also has a 12 bit adc. using advanced on-chip adaptive power management system can achieve extremely low energy consumption. it also includes a multi protocol 2.4ghz rf module with 4dbm output power, - 97dbm sensitivity (in bluetooth 5 1mbps mode), a 64mhz 32-bit arm ® cortex ™ - m4 processor, 192kb flash and 24kb ram memory.


        nrf52811 soc joins nordic multi protocol product family, which can meet the most extensive application requirements today. nordic can provide ideal solutions no matter the main needs of developers are direction finding, supporting popular rf protocol, high throughput, long distance or price. as an excellent bluetooth solution provider in china, xinchida can provide customers with high-quality bluetooth solutions.

        nrf52811 soc's bluetooth 5.1 direction finding function makes the positioning solution not only rely on the received signal strength value (rssi), but also based on the actual direction of the signal, which significantly improves the positioning accuracy and opens up a new application space. there are two methods to determine the direction of the signal: one is to calculate the angle of arrival (aoa) of the received signal, the other is to calculate the angle of departure (aod) of the transmitted signal. the df function can be used in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space, which depends on the selected design complexity and antenna array. nrf52811 soc with built-in bluetooth 5.1 hardware function is the ideal transceiver choice for aoa or aod application scenarios.


        nrf52811 soc will use 6x6mm qfn48 with 32 gpios, 5x5mm qfn32 with 17 gpios, and 2.48x2.46mm wlcsp with 15 gpios. all packages are compatible with the same kind of nrf52810 soc package, and the same pcb of nrf52810 can be reused.

        nrf52811 is applied in beacon, anti loss device, ble5.1 positioning system and zigbee / thread smart home.

        main features:

        ·1.192 kb flash 24 kb ram

        ·2. - 96 dbm sensitivity

        ·3.1.7-3.6v power supply voltage range

        ·4. integrated dc-dc regulator

        ·5.12 bit 200 ksps a / d converter

        ·6. small size


        1. beacon

        2. network processor

        3. proximity solutions

        4. real time positioning system

        5. asset tracking

        6. smart home

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