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        ti's low-power bluetooth ® cc2640r2f-q1 device is a wireless microcontroller complying with aec-q100 standard, which is suitable for low-power bluetooth 4.2 and bluetooth 5.0 automotive applications. it is a soc chip introduced by ti cc2640r2f to meet the vehicle standard. cc2640r2f-q1 can be widely used in passive entry / passive start (peps), remote keyless entry (rke), car sharing, parking guidance, smartphone connection and other applications. cc2640r2f-q1 is one of the few outstanding chips that meet the standard of vehicle regulation and support bluetooth 5.0 on the market. the chips of ti factory are ready to use without secondary development. the rf-bm-4077b2 module with cc2640r2f-q1 as the core can greatly shorten the development cycle of customers, and rf-bm-4077b2 module has greater advantages in application scenarios requiring vehicle specification level standards or higher requirements.


        cc2640r2f-q1 is a cost-effective 2.4ghz rf device in ultra-low power series. very low active rf and mcu current and low power consumption mode current consumption ensure excellent battery life, so nodes connected to automotive batteries can be powered by small button batteries with low power consumption. excellent receiving sensitivity and programmable output power provide the industry's top rf performance for the demanding automotive rf environment.

        cc2640r2f-q1 wireless mcu includes a 32-bit arm ® cortex ® - m3 processor running at 48mhz as the main application processor, and an rf core arm ® cortex ® - m0.

        the main mcu of cc2640r2f efficiently processes rtos and ble applications. the rf core is mainly used for rf operation and ble protocol stack processing. the product development of ble is generally completed on the app, so there is no need to worry about the operation on the ble protocol stack.


         cc2640r2f-q1 has passed the aec-q100 certification, reaching the level 2 temperature range (– 40 ° c to 105 ° c), in which q1 represents the aec-q100, and the requirements for active device components in the vehicle specification level standard.


        cc2640r2f-q1 is packaged with 7mm × 7mm vqfn with wettable side. the wettability side helps reduce the cost of the production line and improves reliability by optically inspecting solder joints.

        strictly speaking, if a chip wants to meet the vehicle standard, it must meet many indicators.

        1. emc performance shall be up to standard.

        on the one hand, the electromagnetic interference of the equipment to the environment during normal operation cannot exceed a certain limit.

        on the other hand, the equipment has a certain degree of immunity to electromagnetic interference in the environment.

        2. there are also strict requirements for the chip's adaptive temperature.

        the operating temperature range of industrial chips is - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃.


        the working temperature range of the car gauge chip is - 40 ℃ to 125 ℃.

        the vehicle specification level standard emphasizes performance and reliability in low or high temperature and wide range of temperature range.

        3. environmental requirements

        humidity, mildew, dust, water, emc and harmful gas erosion are often higher than the requirements of consumer electronics. in addition, the requirement of automobile's ability to resist vibration and impact is much higher than that of ordinary products.

        4. reliability

        generally, the design life of automobile is about 200000 kilometers in 15 years, which is much longer than the life requirement of consumer electronic products. under the same reliability requirements, the more components and links the system consists of, the higher the reliability requirements of components.

        5. consistency requirements

        for complex automotive products, it is definitely unacceptable that the components with poor consistency lead to potential safety hazards of the whole vehicle.

        6. product life cycle

        as a durable large commodity, automobile must maintain the supply capacity of after-sales parts for a long time. the verification work of developing automobile parts is also huge, so vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers also need to maintain a long-term stable supply.

        rf-bm-4077b2 module with cc2640r2f-q1 chip has outstanding performance in vehicle, industrial field and other application scenarios. its excellent quality can support the product to play an excellent performance in harsh environment and strict technical requirements.

        application scenario:

1. home and building automation

2. production and manufacturing automation

3. asset tracking and management

4. hmi and remote display

5. beacon advertising

6. electronic shelf label (esl) and price label

7. heart rate monitor

8. sports watch

9. voice remote control

10. automobile intelligent application