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        nrf52840 soc is the most advanced member of nrf52 series soc family. it can meet the challenges of complex applications that require a rich and diverse set of peripherals and functions. it provides a large amount of available memory for flash and ram, which is a prerequisite for high demand applications.


        nrf52840 fully supports multi protocol, including ble 5, bluetooth mesh, thread, zigbee, 802.15.4, ant and 2.4ghz proprietary protocol stack.

        nrf52840 soc is built around 32-bit arm ® cortex ™ - m4 cpu, with 64 mhz floating-point unit, which has sufficient general processing capacity, floating-point operation and dsp performance to meet the challenging wireless application requirements. it has nfc-a tags to simplify pairing and payment solutions. the arm trustzone ® cryptocell encryption unit included on the chip provides a range of encryption options that are executed efficiently independent of the cpu.

        nrf52840 soc has many digital peripherals and interfaces, such as high-speed 32 mhz spi and qspi, for connecting external flash memory and display; pdm and i2s (for digital microphone and audio), full speed 12 mbps usb device for data transmission and battery charging.

        nrf52840 soc device adopts a new radio architecture, with built-in pa, transmitting power up to 8 dbm, built-in 1 mb flash and 256 kb ram, fully supporting ble 5, 802.15.4 (including thread), ant and private 2.4 ghz wireless technology, with a full speed usb 2.0 controller and a series of peripheral devices (many devices can be supported through easydma), including a four channel spi interface. nrf52840 can also use more than 5v power supply, such as rechargeable battery power.


        nrf52840 has two packages: 7 x 7 aqfn73 with 48 gpios and 3.5 x 3.6 wlcsp94 with 48 gpios.


        in addition, nrf52840 also has an arm ® encryption accelerator built in to achieve peer-to-peer security based on cortex-m soc. cryptocell provides a wide range of password and security functions, which are used to build entity security into applications from the beginning to the end. compared with the cpu's equivalent operation in the software, cryptocell can also make related security operations run faster and use less processing time and power.

        nrf52840 is an advanced and highly flexible single-chip solution, which is suitable for today's increasingly demanding ulp wireless applications, for our personal connection devices, connected living environment and the general internet of things. it is designed to prepare for the major functional advances of ble 5 and to take advantage of the enhanced performance of ble 5, including remote and high performance. in today's applications, industrial level security is essential.


        a wide range of peripherals can utilize many high-performance digital interfaces, such as high-speed spi (32 mhz) and four-level spi (32 mhz), allowing direct interface to displays and external storage sources. nrf52840 can supply voltage from 5.5v to 1.7v, allowing direct power supply from rechargeable battery and usb power supply.

        nrf52840 is ready to take advantage of the ble 5 specification to improve the performance of ble. most importantly, it supports a wider range (up to x4 compared with ble 4. x) and doubles the air data rate from 1mbps in ble 4. x to 2mbps.

        nrf52840 is a certified component, so it is an ideal choice for home networking products using thread grid stack. wireless networks support 802.15.4 physical layer and mac layer, and are suitable for other stacks of 802.15.4, such as zigbee.


        the modules using nrf52840 soc chips have many applications, such as those developed by shenzhen xinchida technology co., ltd  and ,it is widely used in wearable devices with wireless payment function, nfc payment, customized applications and so on, with more outstanding performance.