2019-09-03 16:20:55 rfstar 546

        cc1352p device is a multi protocol and multi band (sub-1 ghz and 2.4 ghz) wireless mcu, which is designed for wireless m-bus, ieee 802.15.4g, ipv6 enabled intelligent object (6lowpan), thread, zigbee ®, knx rf, wi sun ®, low power bluetooth ® 5 and proprietary systems. the device consists of a 20dbm integrated high power amplifier for long-distance applications.


        the cc1352p device combines a flexible ultra-low power rf transceiver with a powerful 48 mhz arm ® cortex ® - m4f cpu on a platform supporting multiple physical layers and rf standards. the dedicated radio controller (arm ® cortex ® - m0) can handle low-level rf protocol commands stored in rom or ram, thus ensuring ultra-low power consumption and excellent flexibility.



        micro controller

1. powerful 48mhz arm ® cortex ® - m4f processor

2.352kb programmable flash memory in the system

3.256kb rom for protocol and library functions

4.8kb cache sram (also available as general ram)

5.80kb ultra-low leakage sram. sram is protected by parity to ensure highly reliable operation.

        ultra low power sensor controller with 4kb sram

1. sample, store and process sensor data

2. independent of system cpu operation

3. fast wake-up into low power operation


1.12 bit adc, 200ksps, 8 channels

2. aes 128 bit and 256 bit encrypted accelerometer

        low power consumption

1. wide power supply voltage range: 1.8v to 3.8v

2. active mode rx: 5.8ma (3.6v, 868mhz), 6.9ma (3.0v, 2.4ghz)

3. active mode tx ( 20dbm): 63ma (3.3v, 915mhz), 85ma (3.0v, 2.4ghz)

        radio part

1. dual band rf transceiver lower than 1ghz and 2.4ghz compatible with low power bluetooth 5 and ieee 802.15.4 phy and mac standards

2. output power up to 20dbm with temperature compensation

        application scope:

1. smart grid and automatic meter reading

2. wireless sensor network

3. wireless medical application

4. energy collection application

5. electronic shelf label (esl)

6. home and building automation