2019-08-30 16:15:06 rfstar 483

        the rf-wm-3235b1 module of xinchida is a module developed based on ti's cc3235s wi fi ® dual band on chip system (soc) chip. cc3235s includes 256kb ram, iot network security, device identity / key and mcu level security features, such as file system encryption, user ip (mcu image) encryption, security startup and debugging security.


        simplelink? wi fi? cc3235x device family integrates two processors on one chip, including: arm? cortex? - m4 mcu, 256kb ram for users and optional 1mb executable flash memory.

        to run all the network processors of wi fi and internet logic layer, the rom based subsystem completely reduces the load of host mcu, including a n 802.11a/b/g/n dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio, baseband and and mac with powerful hardware encryption engine. the rf-wm-3235b1 module of xinchida can directly replace the original cc3235mods cc3235modsf.


        major new features include:

1. lower power consumption and larger coverage

2. improved fast scanning

3. with fips 140-2 level 1 certification

4. up to 16 safety sockets can be used at the same time

5. certificate enrollment request (csr)

6. online certificate status protocol (ocsp)

7. power saving features of iot certified by wi fi ® alliance (such as dms, proxy arp, etc.)

8. no host mode to reduce the transport load of template package

9. support dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz

10. multi layer security features to help developers protect identity information, data and software ip

11. low power mode for battery powered applications

12. industrial temperature range: - 40 ° c to 85 ° c

13. arm ® cortex ® - m4 core, operating frequency 80mhz

14.27 i / o pins with flexible multiplexing option


        main application scheme:

1. smart home appliances

2. smart socket

3. video monitoring, video doorbell and wireless camera

4. building safety system and electronic lock, equipment

5. asset tracking

6. factory automation

7. medical and health equipment

8. basic equipment of power grid