2018-07-03 13:50:35 rfstar 181

        zigbee 3.0 is the only complete and interoperable internet of things solution

        from mesh network layer to general language layer, enabling intelligent products to work together


        why zigbee 3.0

        zigbee 3.0 gives users and developers more options. the standardization of the whole stack covers chips from multiple chip suppliers, zigbee pro network protocol stack, and zigbee cluster library in application layer, bringing confidence that products and services can work together. zigbee 3.0 complete solution includes testing, certification, brand and marketing support, making the development and sales of interoperable products and solutions easier, releasing growth opportunities, and giving unlimited innovation possibilities for home, work and travel.

        rfstar provides the most advanced zigbee 3.0 module in the industry. users can use the zigbee 3.0 module of xinchida for secondary development or in-depth cooperative development with rfstar.

        zigbee 3.0 advantages



        · certification procedures ensure interoperability between devices

            · multi vendor ecosystem uses the same application layer common language

                    · zigbee 3.0 network can be used for devices using previous application layer standards

                    · zigbee 3.0 equipment can also be added to the network using the previous application layer standards

        different industries, same plan

        · home, architecture, industry, retail, health, etc

            · developers and users in different fields have the same choice to solve the problem of market fragmentation

            · the same application layer can meet the requirements of the complete deployment scheme

        convenient and easy to use

        · all the required files are in one place

            · the same certification mark shall be used on each certified product and package

        stable and reliable

        · proven mesh network, eliminating the impact of single node failure, can be expanded to large-scale network

        · self healing and scalable, capable of supporting a network of hundreds of devices

        global general 

        · use 2.4 ghz frequency band to ensure that the product can be deployed globally free of frequency band license fee

        practice verification

        · 2500 certified products and 300 million deployed products

        green environmental protection

        · specially designed for energy capture devices and ultra-low power consumption devices

        · zigbee routers all have green power proxy function to provide mesh network support for energy capture devices

        future guarantee

        · developed by more than 400 member companies who have been deeply involved in the internet of things industry for many years and launched to the market

        · continuous innovation - in our ecosystem, there are not only industry giants, established enterprises, but also start-ups and new forces

        complete test

        · the integrated test and authentication program covers all layers of protocol stack: mac / phy, network stack protocol and application layer

        examples of zigbee application equipment types