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        cc2652r device is a multi protocol wireless 2.4ghz mcu for thread, zigbee ®, low-power bluetooth ® 5, ieee 802.15.4g, ipv6 capable intelligent object (6lowpan), wi-sun ® and proprietary systems, including ti 15.4-stack.



        cc2652r device has very low active rf and micro controller (mcu) current, sleep current less than 1 μa, and up to 80kb ram retention capacity protected by parity, which can provide excellent battery life and support long-term operation in energy collection applications relying on small button batteries. rf-bm-2652b1, a bluetooth module with cc2652r chip, is now available in shenzhen xinchida technology co., ltd., which can meet the demand of scene application in industrial field, for example.

        the cc2652r device combines a flexible ultra-low power rf transceiver with a powerful 48 mhz arm ® cortex ® - m4f cpu on a platform supporting multiple physical layers and rf standards. the dedicated radio controller (arm ® cortex ® - m0) can handle low-level rf protocol commands stored in rom or ram, thus ensuring ultra-low power consumption and excellent flexibility. the low power consumption of cc2652r device will not affect the rf performance. cc2652r device has excellent sensitivity and durability.

        with a programmable, autonomous, ultra-low power sensor controller cpu with 4kb program and data sram memory, the sensor can be processed with very low power consumption. the sensor controller with fast wake-up and ultra-low power consumption 2mhz mode is specially designed for sampling, caching and processing of analog and digital sensor data, so mcu system can maximize sleep time and reduce working power consumption. rf-bm-2652b1, a bluetooth module with cc2652r chip, can fully meet the needs of low-power scenarios.



1. microcontroller

  • powerful 48mhz arm ® cortex ® - m4f processor

  • eembc coremark ® rating: 148

  • 352kb programmable flash memory in the system

  • 256kb rom for protocol and library functions

  • 8kb cache sram (also available as general ram)

  • 80kb ultra low leakage sram. sram is protected by parity to ensure highly reliable operation.

  • two pin cjtag and jtag debugging

  • support for wireless upgrade (ota)

  • ultra low power sensor controller with 4kb sram

2. sample, store and process sensor data

  • independent of system cpu operation

  • fast wake up to low power operation

  • rohs compliant packaging

  • 7mm × 7mm rgz vqfn48 (31 gpio)

3. peripherals

  • digital peripherals can be connected to any gpio

  • 4 32-bit or 8 16 bit universal timers

  • 12 bit adc, 200ksps, 8 channels

  • 2 comparators with internal reference dac

  • 2 asynchronous transceivers (uarts)

  • 2 synchronous serial interfaces (ssi) (spi, microwire and ti)

  • i2c

  • i2s

  • real time clock (rtc)

  • aes 128 bit and 256 bit encrypted accelerometers

  • ecc and rsa public key hardware accelerator

  • sha2 accelerator (full package up to sha-512)

  • true random number generator (trng)

  • capacitive induction, up to 8 channels

  • integrated temperature and battery monitor

4. low power consumption

  • wide power supply voltage range: 1.8v to 3.8v


application scenario:

1. intelligent positioning

2. home and building automation

3. health and medical care

4. sports and fitness

5. industry

6. retail

7. smart wear

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